Menopause is the time of stressful transition in women life ®increasing age  decreasing  harmones  affects each and every part of body.

We aim at

 Succesful aging –adding life to years

  • Physical well-being - to low probability of disease and disability
  • Mental well-being -to high cognitive and physical functional capacity
  •  emotional and social well-being as related to an active engagement with life


Hot flashes.

Night sweats.

Elevated heart rate.

Sleep disturbances-insomnia.

Mood changes—irritability, depression, anxiety.

Urinary issues.

Vaginal dryness—which can lead to discomfort during sexual intercourse.

We assess The profile of the Woman to Individualize treatment

• Premature Menopause–OCP/HT sequential regime

• Urogenital Atrophy- Local estrogens

• Evaluate women’s need and preference

• Evaluation of women’s individual risk factors


Therapeutic Lifestyle Management in form of diet regarding:

  • Physical Activity, Targeted Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco
  • Stress reducing strategies
  • Meditation, Paced respiration
  • Massage, Hobbies Nutrition
  • Emotion stability
  • Positive attitude
  • Family involvement
  • Spiritual Attitude
  • Sleep

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