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April 06, 2024 93 people Latest news

One method that might be able to assist you in becoming pregnant is in vitro fertilization, or IVF. IVF involves removing your eggs and combining them with sperm in a petri dish. You and your partner's egg and sperm can be used for IVF, or you can use donor eggs and/or sperm. The resulting embryo or embryos are transferred to your uterus through the cervix following IVF. An embryo will implant in your uterine lining and continue to develop if everything goes according to plan. "Many individuals and couples who might not have been able to become parents otherwise have benefited greatly from assisted reproductive technologies. Your physician can suggest a mock or trial transfer. This is just a trial run of the process; no embryos are being transferred. Using an empty embryo transfer catheter, the physician finds the optimum route through your cervix to reach your uterus throughout the trial.

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