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best uro oncologist

December 02, 2023 85 people Latest news

Dr. Deepa Chaudhary works with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and the best Uro-Oncologists in Delhi NCR, India to develop cutting-edge therapies for treating kidney, prostate, testicular and bladder cancers. Our team of experts aims to offer personalized care to patients with the help of advanced technology, specialized oncologists and transformative research. Our Uro-oncologists have the expertise to meet international standards, as they are best known for treating the wide spectrum of urologic oncology. We also make use of minimally invasive, as well as the latest MRI Ultrasound Fusion, and robotic surgery for rapid cancer treatment. Also, our highly qualified faculty consists of distinguished innovators who are working with renowned international scientists to come up with new and more advanced prostate cancer treatment options. Our best Uro and Gynae Oncology Hospital in Delhi also exercises the new surgical techniques for nerve-sparing Athermal Intrafascial Robotic (AIR) Prostatectomy, using robotic treatment for faster recovery.

  • best uro oncologist in Jaipur
  • uro oncologist in Jaipur


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