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August 28, 2022 89 people Latest news

It’s standard advice for women to talk with a Gynaecologist each year starting around age 15, to get a complete annual exam starting around age 21, and to be tested for cervical cancer every few years after that. But what if issues arise between appointments that have you a bit worried? Your vaginal symptoms may not need any treatment. Or you may have a mild infection that is easy to treat. But without a gynaecologist’s attention, even a mild infection can become a bigger problem. Also, vaginal symptoms sometimes are a sign of more serious conditions. Dr Deepa Chaudhary can tells you whether the issue is minor or a condition that will need your careful attention for a long time. A healthy and properly functioning vagina will release a small amount of discharge on occasion. You may have noticed this on your underwear or at any other time, and it’s completely normal. This bit of discharge, however, is usually odourless. If you notice a significant change in quantity, colour, or a foul smell, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Deepa Chaudhary.

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